Pixelpost is Dead

Nietzsche famously stated “God is Dead”, but the reality is, that in Northern Europe at least, he is dying and not completely dead yet. The same, unfortunately, can also be said for Pixelpost.

Pixelpost is no longer being developed.

This is quite a tragedy really. I have been using open source server side software for many years, from back when I was responsible for half a dozen Unix servers, and I can say that I have rarely encountered anything as stable as Pixelpost 1.7.3. It just works. It is easily themeable and its plugin architecture has allowed all manner of plugins to be written for it that add to its functionality. There is simply no finer or more functional photoblog software available, something testified to by the thousands of users who have chosen it to power their photoblogs. It is a testament to how well written it is that it has lasted so long without an update.

Anyway, the purpose of this post it not merely to extol the virtues of Pixelpost because I would not recommend that anybody now setting up a new photoblog use it. When I decided to start a new photoblog to showcase my travel images (nomadlens:travel)recently I went with Aminus3 because I know that one morning when I go on to my nomadlens photoblog I am going to be confronted with a page full of PHP errors instead of my photos of Cornwall and photos of Devon.

The problem is neither its stability nor its functionality, but its age. After such a period has elapsed it contains at least one unpatched security hole; it has compatibility problems with PHP 5.3; and with MySQL 5.5 (though a workaround is available here,).  Sooner or later it is simply going to break due to hosting providers upgrading their software versions. It will probably be possible for a fairly long time to find a hosting provider that will provide the right versions of PHP and MySQL to run Pixelpost but these are not hoops that most people want to jump through.

The state of play with Pixelpost has been summed up in this post on the Pixelpost Forum: What is up with Pixelpost…….. Pixelpost was in the process of being completely rewritten for version 2 but this appears to have stalled well prior to any possibility of an alpha release. As you can read here there have been a few offers of help but they don’t seem to have amounted to much.

A year has passed since this post, two years since 1.7.3 was released, and it is very hard to conclude anything other than that the project is going nowhere unless some OOP PHP guru urgently comes to the rescue.

It looks like I will have to switch nomadlens over to WordPress in the near future, but that will be the subject of another post. 

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2 Responses to Pixelpost is Dead

  1. Henrik Herskind says:

    Yes, Pixelpost is dead – to some degree. Yet, I have an old photoblog at Pixelpost, and it keeps on running. And I am getting a lot of spam mail from it. But I cannot login to delete the blog, and I cannot contact Pixelpost. And the Pixelpost Forum is also dead.

    Do you by any chance have an idea for me how to get rid of that old photoblog?


  2. Samar says:

    I actually used Pixelpost for my photoblog and then just left photography completely because I started my company- click-labs.com
    At this point, we are doing well by making software for the world but it is sad that pixelpost died. I want to resurrect it. I can have dedicated resources working on it. Do you know the best way to do that?

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