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Purchases can be executed directly by clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button located by the images in the galleries.

Shopping via this website is completely secure. Your private information is protected and is only used for the purpose of processing your purchase.

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Print Purchases

Prints for our online business are handled by our partner, Spectrum Photographic in Essex. Spectrum Photographic has many years experience in fine art printing and is widely used by professional photographers. Nomadphotographs works closely with Spectrum Photographic to ensure a completely colour managed process for the highest quality and fidelity in our prints.

Currently Spectrum Photographic does not offer an automate framing or printing service. If you are interested in having your print mounted and/or framed please see our Custom Prints section.

Spectrum offer two types of fine art prints: C-Type and Giclée.

C-Type Prints

Digitally exposed C-Types prints are real photographic prints, printed by Spectrum Photographic with a chromogenic silver halide process on a state of the art Durst Theta laboratory printing system. The paper is exposed to red, green and blue LEDs and then developed photographically. The prints you will receive from the Durst Theta are of superior quality to those from a typical Fuji Frontier or Noritsu mini-lab system that the main Internet and high street photo labs use.

C-Type prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, which uses silver halide crystals optimised for laser and LED exposure. This paper is the industry standard for fine art printing; it offers brilliant whites with great highlight detail, particularly good colour reproduction with subtle shades of green and vivid blues and reds, accurate skin tones and smooth gradation. It has an archival life expectancy of 56 years on display.

A choice of three papers is available:

  • Crystal Archive Matt: archival colour paper with a matt finish; the paper of choice for exhibition prints;
  • Crystal Archive Lustre: a very slightly stippled surface gives this paper a semi-matt finish; it produces deep blacks and is more forgiving on fingerprints;
  • Crystal Archive Gloss: the gloss finish on this paper gives particularly punchy colours; the paper to choose to give high impact shots.

Giclée prints

The term Giclée has its origin in the French language and roughly translates as “to spray”. It refers to the process of making the highest quality digital fine art prints using pigment inks in inkjet printers. Prints are produced using the new 10 colour Epson UltraChrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) ink system on an Epson Stylus Pro 9000, which has been specially formulated for a wider colour gamut on fine art papers. These inks have been optimised to produce finely detailed prints that look the same under a range of lighting conditions. The resulting prints are archival quality and have a life expectancy of 100 years on display.

A choice of two papers is available:

  • Moab Somerset Enhanced Velvet 225gsm: mould made by traditional methods Somerset Enhanced is an exquisite 100% cotton fine art paper with a high whiteness without unnecessary use of optical brightening agents. It is an archival grade paper buffered with calcium carbonate to combat the acid attack that air pollution may cause. Prints made with this paper have excellent tonal separation and minimal ink spread; the surface has a delicate velvety mid texture particularly suited to photography.
  • Innova FibaPrint White Matte 285gsm: Fibaprint White Matte has been modelled on the traditional fibre-based material used in conventional photography. Designed for high quality photographic reproduction using giclée technology, this archival grade paper has a brilliant white colour, a very large colour gamut, great colour accuracy, and an ultra smooth surface.

If you are unsure what finish you would prefer then we are able to offer a sample pack of all 5 at £10 (which includes VAT and postage). Contact us for details.

Print Sizes

Prints for sale on are taken with a Digital SLR camera which outputs files with a 3:2 aspect ratio. In general images displayed on the site are in this 3:2 aspect ratio.

We offer 3 rectangular print sizes:

  • 12″ x 8″ (3:2 aspect): With a 2″ mount this print will fit a standard 16″ x 12″ frame, available from many retail outlets.
  • 18″ x 12″ (3:2 aspect): This print size preserves the 3:2 aspect but will normally require a custom frame.
  • 16″ x 12″ (4:3 aspect): With a 2″ mount this print will fit a standard 20″ x 16″ frame, available from many retail outlets. This size will be cropped; a cropping tool is provided in the checkout process.

and 2 square print sizes:

  • 8″ x 8″ (1:1 aspect): With a 2″ mount this print will fit a standard 12″ x 12″ frame, available from many retail outlets.
  • 10″ x 10″ (1:1 aspect): This print size will normally require a custom frame.

Please note that not all prints are available in all sizes. Some prints are available as cards only.

Custom Prints is the online side of our business; we also supply local retailers in Cornwall and Devon with custom products, our cards, and with mounted prints that we produce ourselves. We are, therefore, very flexible. If buying a print produced by Spectrum Photographic does not suit your needs then please get in touch. We can supply you with custom sizes, mounted prints and arrange framing for you as well as more exotic options such as acrylic prints, perspex prints, alloy boxes, MDF block mounts and floating frames.

For our local retailers our colour prints are mounted with high quality 1.4mm white core board, in an off-white cream colour, with a 45 degree beveled edge, which will not discolour over time. Monochrome prints are mounted with material of the same quality, in a textured glacier white. Both are backed by 2mm white faced neutralized acid free grey board that will not alter the colour of the print over time. Each print is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag. If you would like a print mounted in this way then please get in contact.

Greetings Cards

Our cards are handmade on quality white card stock using gloss photos printed either by ourselves on a professional 8 colour Epson R2880 or by our photo lab partner. All cards are left blank inside for your own message, and contain a description of their subject and/or where they were taken on the back. They come with envelopes and are individually wrapped in cellophane bags.

Cards come in two sizes:

  • 6″ x 4″ (3:2 aspect): mounted on an A5 card
  • 5″ x 5″ (1:1 aspect): mounted on a 5.3″ x 5.3″ card


Spectrum Photographic have a 48 hour turn around and will ship your print directly to you by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. Prints deemed to be faulty or damaged in transit must be notified to Spectrum Photographic within 12 hours of receipt. For more details please check their terms and conditions here: Spectrum Photographic: Terms and Conditions.

We aim to complete all card orders within 3 days, but please note that sometimes we are away are on shoots, and a short delay may result. Please check our blog page for notifications of absences. Cards are carefully packed in rigid mailers so that no damage occurs during delivery. In the unlikely event that your purchase is damaged please contact us immmediately.


The colour of the images you view on this site depends on a large number of factors and may or may not precisely match the print you receive or the image you download. The problem is not unique to our site but affects images on most, if not all, web sites.

Factors such as the operating system of your computer, the type of computer monitor or screen you are using, whether or not that screen has been calibrated, the browser you are using, and the colour profile of the image itself all come into play.

Images are uploaded to our web site at their full size with an embedded sRGB colour profile; however, PhotoShelter, who host our images, currently do not preserve the sRGB colour profile when the images are downsized for display on the site. Photoshelter have committed to preserving the colour profile of the images in the very near future.

How your browser interprets an untagged image depends on a number of factors but unfortunately, especially on a Mac, it is likely to lead to the image being over saturated, especially in reds and oranges, and even more so on a wide colour gamut monitor.

For more information on colour and the web this is an excellent resource: Web Browser Color Management Tutorial.

Licensing Images

Our images are available for personal use or for Rights Managed licensing. In order to license an image, follow the link to an image and click on the “Add to Cart” button. Select the ‘Downloads’ tab in the popup cart and then select the licensing option most appropriate to your use of the image and you will be provided with a price. You will then be able to add the image to your shopping cart. Once you have purchased the image then it will be available for immediate download.

Licensing Schemes

We offer both Personal Use Licenses and commercial use Rights Managed Licenses for our images.

Personal Use Licenses are appropriate when the use of the image is strictly personal; this might include, but is not limited to, screensavers, printing your own copy, display on your (non-commercial) blog, party or wedding announcements, use in a school project etc.. Please note that a Personal Use License prohibits you from using the image for any commercial use whatsoever; it is for strictly personal use or limited educational use. Read more about the Personal Use Licence.

Rights Managed Licenses are appropriate for editorial, commercial and advertising uses. For these purposes the image is priced and purchased for a specific purpose for a set period of time. An appropriate Rights Managed fee, in line with standard industry prices, will be determined based on that usage. If after purchasing the image you wish to make use of it in a different manner then you must contact us to renegotiate the license and fee. Rights Managed Licence.

Please note that under no circumstances does licensing an image transfer the copyright to you.

Please not that if you license an image from us all legal responsibility and liability for your use of the image is yours and not ours. Unless specifically noted in the description our images carry no model or property releases. Please make sure that the photo is suitable for your stated use before licensing.

Images: Format, Resolution, Profiles and Metadata

Images displayed on this site are downsized and compressed to optimise site performance. Upon purchase of a licence you will receive a watermark-free high resolution 300dpi jpeg at minimum compression (level 12) with the dimensions as stated below the image. The image will not have been interpolated or otherwise resized.

Other formats, including TIFF, PSD and sometimes RAW, can also be delivered on request, although the price and licensing conditions may differ. The images on this site contain embedded sRGB colour profiles, but images embedded with AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB profiles can be delivered on request.

All images contain full embedded EXIF and IPTC metadata.

If you wish to verify image quality or colour prior to purchasing a licence then contact us for a high resolution sample.


You may have noticed that when moving around on our web site that the address of the web site changes between and Our main address hosts our blog and our static pages and the PhotoShelter address hosts our image galleries and provides the shopping facilities for our web site.

PhotoShelter gives you the option to create an account with them (when you make a purchase, add images to a lightbox, or click on the login link on the menu bar). This is not necessary to complete a purchase but there are benefits to having a free account. It allows you to set up and main when you maintain personal lightboxes, access special password-protected galleries and occasionally you may receive promotional codes that give you a discount on your next purchase. Registering is free and simple. Once registered, you can login directly via the login link on the main menu.


Payment for licensing an image or for buying a print is made via PayPal and can be made by credit or debit card or PayPal account. When you select ‘Checkout’ in the Shopping Cart you will be taken to the PayPal website to complete payment for the purchase. Please note a PayPal account is not required for credit card transactions.


A lightbox allows you to store images that you want to keep track of in a personal area on the web site. You can add and annotate any image to your lightbox if, for example, you are researching images for a project, or choosing a selection of images for possible purchase. You can share the lightbox with friends or colleagues and collaborate with others to review and discuss a set of images. You must create a free account to save your lightbox. Click on the lightbox link at the top of any page to create an account and manage your lightbox. For more information on using a lightbox visit PhotoShelter’s Lightbox help page.

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