Nomadphotographs is run by me, Nik Jewell, photographer and web designer, in Bude, North Cornwall.

I have had other lives before photography. I have a degree and PhD in Philosophy, and have been an academic philosopher in times past, but also a web developer, Unix systems administrator, IT manager and a specialist in educational metadata. I like to think that most of these things inform in some way the work I do now.

Like many people my age (47), I have had cameras for most of my life, and went digital in 2003. I became much more seriously interested in 2007 when I acquired my first DSLR, which is also around the time that home computers became powerful enough to process large photographic files without enormous amounts of frustration.

Since then I have been fortunate to have travelled fairly extensively (the ‘nomad’ in my site names) before settling down in Bude, North Cornwall, (after living in the North of England, and Scotland for a time, for much of my adult life) near to where my father’s side of the family originate.

I now devote most of my days to practising photography, to improving my skills both with the camera and with the computer in post processing photography, and to helping others develop their skills.

Having been an ‘outdoors type’ all my life my primary interest lies in landscape and nature photography, opportunities for which are in abundance here in Cornwall and in the rest of the South West of England. When abroad I am also fascinated by the architecture and people, as well as the scenery, flora and fauna.

www.nomadphotographs.com exists primarily in order to sell my landscape, nature and travel images, but also to blog about matters (generally technical) of interest to fellow photographers.

For the technically minded or the curious, I shoot with Nikon gear, and use Apple Macs for my post processing, writing and web design. I have no particularly strong reasons for choosing Nikon over Canon, it’s just the way I went at the time. I use Apple Macs mainly because they “just work” but also because their underlying operating system is based on Unix and I am old enough to still make considerable use of its command line.

I have a number of other websites:

  • nomadlens: this is a photoblog is where I post daily photography from the South West of England.
  • nomadlens:travel: this is another photoblog where I post travel photography
  • nomadcreator: this is where you can hire me to develop a web site for you
  • Guinevere, Tintagel: this is our lovely holiday cottage just down the coast from where we live. If you fancy seeing some the sights/sites depicted here for yourself then come and stay.
  • nomadwriter: an old site, no longer maintained, with a travel blog from a long trip through Asia

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